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Increasing Energy Efficiency

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Description: The project “Increasing energy efficiency of Chisinau and Sevastopol municipalities based on existing positive experience” is a project won by the Chisinau City Hall in the framework of the CIUDAD Programme (Cooperation in Urban Development and Dialogue), funded by the European Commission. The overall purpose of the project is to incorporate the Energy Efficiency perspective in the administration of two municipalities (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova and Sevastopol, Ukraine), institutionalize it and prepare the ground for infrastructural investments aimed to improve the energy efficiency, as well as to create an immediate energy saving impact by stimulating the respective behaviour.

Dates of implementation: 2010 – 2012

Objectives pursued:

  • Integrate the energy efficiency perspective in the administration of beneficiary municipalities (Chisinau and Sevastopol) and institutionalize the energy efficiency improvement efforts;
  • Facilitate the implementation of the energy efficient technologies through improving the regulatory framework and adjusting the relevant policies, at the level of both local public authorities and central public authorities;
  • Undertake actions that would enable the municipal authorities to attract investments in infrastructure with the aim of making them more energy efficient;
  • Promote the energy efficient behaviour in public institutions, especially schools;
  • Inform the citizens on the opportunities offered by the modern energy saving technologies and the use of renewable energy sources, as well as the investment recovery in case of their use.

Results expected:

  • The strategy on energy efficiency strategy for the Chisinau municipality will be developed and the legal framework to create conditions for investments in the increase of energy efficiency will be improved.
  • To promote the best practices in energy conservation, a competition for the schools from the Capital will be organized, and the winning institution will receive 100,000 euro for the thermal insulation of the building.
  • Feasibility studies and investment plans for infrastructure development projects will be carried out: insulation of residential buildings, street illumination and use of renewable energy sources.
  • Consumption of electric and thermal energy in target institutions will drop just based on an increased awareness and changed behaviour, with no capital investment.


  • Schools from Chisinau and Sevastopol municipalities;
  • Local Public Authorities of Chisinau and Sevastopol;
  • Individual consumers of the two cities who will learn how to save energy.

Budget: The total budget of the project is 672 965 Euro granted by the European Union under the CIUDAD programme (Cooperation in Urban Development and Dialogue).

Partners: The project is implemented by the City Hall of Chisinau Municipality in partnership with the:

  • Sevastopol Regional Environmental Monitoring Committee (Ukraine)
  • Institute for Development and Social Initiatives “Viitorul” (Moldova)
  • ICLEI European Secretariat GmbH (Germany)
  • Union of Municipalities of the Marmara Region (Turkey)

Important: The project contributes to the increase energy of efficiency by:

  • Feasibility studies and investment projects in the areas of public illumination, urban transport, thermal insulation of residential buildings;
  • Recommendations for improvement of the national legislation;
  • An energy efficiency strategy for both municipalities;
  • A competition among schools that know how to save energy. The wining schools will benefit from financial support for thermal insulation of buildings;
  • Two trade fairs where both innovative and energy efficient technologies will be presented;
  • A public awareness campaign for efficient use of energy.

Contact: 83, Stefan cel Mare avenue, office 12, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, MD-2012

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