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Construction works launched in Odessa

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Reconstruction works of the Shchelakovskaya storm water drain trench in Peresyp district, Odessa city, started on the second week of March. The works are carried out under the project “The pluvial sewerage. Promoting and implementing innovative action to climate change” ,implemented by the Communal Enterprise “Agency for Development  Programs of Odessa” on behalf of Odessa City Hall.

Activities envisaged in the project aim at prevention of flooding of Peresyp district which is the lowest territory of the City of Odessa. Existing storm water system in the district is designed to drain excess rain and ground water by storm water collectors and Shchelakovskaya drain trench. Currently, the drainage system is not working properly due to clogging and soiling as well as to partly demolition. The action aims at reducing the effects of heavy rains and preventing floods by evacuating the rainwater. Normal operation of the Shchelakovskaya drain trench will provide this area with outflow of storm water and prevent flooding of the district with 80 thousand residents as well as significantly increase the sanitary and environmentally situation.

The construction works have an implementation period of 30 days and will be undertaken by the company “Profbudkomplekt” federation of trade unions of Ukraine.

A technical meeting on the site took place on 21st March with the participation of representatives of the Chisinau implementation unit, as the Lead Partner, representatives of the Agency for Development Programs of Odessa as Odessa partner, Odessa Deputy Mayor for Construction, Mr. Padgainiy and representatives of the enterprise “Profbudcomplekt” as the subcontractor carrying out the construction works.

Please note that “The pluvial sewerage. Promoting and implementing innovative action to climate change” project is funded by the European Union within the “Non-state actors and local authorities in development” Programme and implemented by the Chisinau City Hall in partnership with Odessa City Council during 30 months (December 2009 - June 2012), having a total budget of 900.000 Euro out of which 162.853 Euro are due to Odessa City Hall.

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