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Areas with the greatest energy losses in Chisinau will be subject to an energy audit

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Areas with the greatest energy losses in Chisinau will be subject to an energy audit. The works will take place within The Energy Efficiency Project and has the purpose of inventorying all energy consumption equipment and the areas with the greatest energy loss. Based on this inventory are proposed efficiency and energy conservation solutions. The energetic audit will be implemented for 12 objects (plants, buildings, equipment), including: the headquarters of Chisinau City Hall, four residential blocks, different in terms of the used material and the construction technology of walls, also will be realized the public lighting energy audit of the Dacia Avenue, audit for two pumping stations, four schools and a kindergarten.

The situation regarding the progress of the project activities was brought to the attention of the vice mayor of Chisinau, Nistor Grozavu at the meeting of the Working Group for developing the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) of Chisinau. The deputy appreciated positively the state of affairs of SEAP elaboration and ensured the experts involved in the project that his support will be provided for the project activities.

As yet Moldovan legislation does not cover how to achieve the energy audit, into account will be taken the European methodology. Sergiu Aparatu, the expert within the Energy Efficiency Project, has specified that “it was insisted on choosing a local company, since most installations, building technologies are of Soviet production and the local companies will better succeed with this specific task".

Also at the meeting was discussed the situation regarding data collection needed to calculate energy consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) from municipal enterprises.

In this context, it is necessary to collect the data for establishing the baseline emission inventory (BEI) until the end of September so that later to start the process of elaborating SEAP. Also, Ionel Popa, the international expert of the project, said that the administrative buildings will not be included in the residential sector and this will not affect the final data.

Furthermore, during the meeting have been established the energy performance indicators, needed to be monitored for quantifying both the energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

However, during the meeting, experts from Romania gave examples from their experience in energy efficiency projects carried out in Iasi and Vaslui. "There are difficulties in energy saving in the residential sector as long as the heat bill is paid based on the flat surface and not on actual consumption. Thus it is harder to empower the consumers to modernize their homes in order to reduce the energy losses. In Iasi, the modernization of the pipes’ insulation has reduced with 90% the energy losses, "said the technical expert Catalin Diaconu, ALEEM Vaslui.

Another aspect mentioned by experts from Romania refers to the metering method of heat consumers. "In Romania, we have already moved to the horizontal metering system of energy consumption and not the vertical as is the case today in Chisinau. Thus, consumers in debt can be disconnected from the system without affecting other consumers, "said Alan-Edward Pungaru, Counsellor at the National Regulatory Authority for Energy.

The meeting of 29.08.2012 was the fourth meeting of the Working Group for developing The Sustainable Energy Action Plan in Chisinau         .

The described activities took place for developing the project “Increasing energy efficiency of Chisinau and Sevastopol municipalities based on existing positive experience” implemented by the Chisinau City Hall in collaboration with IDIS „Viitorul” in the framework of the CIUDAD Programme (Cooperation in Urban Development and Dialogue), funded by the European Commission.

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