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Energy Efficiency Workshop in Sevastopol

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On September 27, 2012, the Training Workshop for Energy Efficiency Strategy and Action Plan Development was held in Sevastopol, Ukraine. Representatives of Sevastopol City State Administration and municipal agencies have been trained on energy efficiency issues by international experts in the framework of the European project “Increasing energy efficiency of Chisinau and Sevastopol municipalities based on existing positive experience”.

The workshop has focused on providing methodological support for developing the Energy Efficiency Strategy and action plan in Sevastopol municipality. Hence, the main objective was to ensure deep understanding of energy efficiency capabilities in the sectors of building insulation, optimization of municipal transport and effective street lighting and to clarify the methodology for the development of the strategy and working plan.

In addition, the participants discussed and shared the best practices and innovative ideas on energy efficiency strategy development and implementation. The representatives of the Chisinau City Hall, attending the training workshop, presented the experience of Chisinau municipality in developing the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP): Real actions, problems encountered and their solutions.

By the end of 2012, the Energy Efficiency Strategy for Sevastopol municipality is to be drafted.

The event was co-organized by the Union of Municipalities of the Marmara Region and the Sevastopol Regional Environmental Monitoring Committee. The training was delivered by Mr Muhammet Garip, energy expert, and Mr Hayati Uysal, expert on energy efficient lighting.

The project is implemented by the Chisinau City Hall in partnership with IDIS “Viitorul” (Moldova), Sevastopol Regional Environmental Monitoring Committee (Ukraine), Union of Municipalities of the Marmara Region (Turkey) and ICLEI European Secretariat GmbH (Germany), with the financial support of the European Commission through the CIUDAD Programme (Cooperation in Urban Development and Dialogue).

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